About Us

Building Process:
Because of our commitment to customer service and high quality work, I visit every jobsite daily. I attend all the weekly client/architect jobsite meetings. I receive daily reports from my jobsite superintendent and have weekly staff meetings where we review the week’s progress and set objectives for the upcoming week. Through this structure of communication and planning, Dixon Construction is able to keep clients well informed about progress and give them plenty of notice about upcoming decisions. A job will never be put on hold because a client hasn’t picked out their finishes. All these decisions are given plenty of advance notice.

Dixon Construction, Inc. has been involved in many projects throughout the design phase. Being involved this early in the process allows us to offer value engineering. This helps to answer the “what would this cost” questions during the design phase. More frequently, we are contacted during the bidding phase of the job. At this stage, we offer a detailed cost analysis of the job, sit with the client/architect and explain the unique aspects of the project while going over the budget.

Upon being awarded the contract, we work closely with the client/architect on several different fronts:

  1. Maintaining a budget analysis, keeping the client up to date on costs.

  2. Maintaining a schedule, keeping clients aware of progress and notifying them of upcoming decisions.

  3. Working closely with the architect and/or design team to produce the highest quality work possible.

After you move into your new home, we continue to stay in contact, making sure that you’re comfortable and every item on the pickup list has been resolved. Finally, we offer a maintenance plan where we do an annual inspection of your home. We handle the necessary annual maintenance of heating systems, mechanical gates and other systems, as well as keep you informed about periodic maintenance requirements, such as painting.

Every Dixon Construction employee is covered by Workers Compensation Insurance. We also carry commercial liability insurance and the performance bond required by the state of California.

Dixon Construction has built or remodeled many homes in the greater Los Angeles area. Here on our website we have highlighted only a few of our projects. Arrangements can be made for you to see as many homes as you would like and you can speak with our existing clients. Privacy wishes have to be honored but some of our past clients are willing to open their homes and allow people to view our work. Happy clients are just the beginning. Our reference list includes architects, designers, landscape designers, soil engineers, structural engineers, building inspectors, materials suppliers and subcontractors.

Our business philosophy is simple. If we are going to survive and flourish, there is one thing we must have – Happy Clients. The equation is simple – great service and the highest quality work possible, combined with good value for the money you’re spending. Through this approach, our clients are pleased not only with their homes, but also with the process of building them. You are building your dream home. Dixon Construction is committed to making your dream a reality and ensuring that the process is fun, exciting and fulfilling.